Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)
Car Parking

(Fort Myers, Florida - FL, USA)

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) has three handy car parks, with short-term and long-term parking available. There are more than enough spaces here for short-term and long-term patrons, and pre-booking is available.

The list below contains useful information about the parking options available here.


The Short-Term lot has free parking for the first hour, ideal for drop-offs and pickups, and is located directly in front of the terminal building. After the first hour, charges are levied at 20-minute intervals up to a daily maximum. It is worth noting that vehicles taller than eight feet cannot park in this car park.


The Long-Term car park is within easy walking distance of the terminal and is located to the west end of the Short-Term parking lot. Rates are levied hourly and then daily thereafter.


Southwest Florida International Airport also has Economy parking for those who are away for weeks on end and don't want to have to fork out the higher rate for the Long-Term car park. The Economy lot is not too far away from the terminal entrance and is located at the south side of the airport entrance road. Shuttle services provide easy transport to the terminal entrance. You can pay here by the hour; the daily rate is levied after a six-hour stay.


Disabled parking spaces are available at Southwest Florida International Airport in the Short-Term and the Long-Term car parks. These dedicated spaces are well located for access to the terminal entrance and those who require assistance can request porter help by calling the airport beforehand. To take advantage of disabled parking spaces, disabled drivers must display their handicapped badges.

Fort Myers Airport RSW

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